Interactive TV (iTV)

Fuse the best lifestyle TV programmes with the best of digital to create rich media ad units on television – or anywhere really – creating the ideal viewer experience which is proven to increase awareness and purchase, while providing the digital targeting and measurement you have come to expect from rich media ad campaigns.

NEW!: Interactive vids enjoy 3X greater views and click-throughs

iTV Example: Fun & Fabulous Holiday Hair with Gustav Fouche

For the full experience, please click each trigger that appears within the interactive demo.

This is just a sample of some of the endless possible features (e-commerce, reservations, ticket sales, social, informational/wiki, lead gen, CTA, etc.) which can be implemented into our player for demonstrative purposes. Anything ‘on top of’ the video is essentially customisable.

Industry insights: How interactive increases effectiveness


CPG – Food campaigns* generate up to 10X more recipe video views than YouTube in half the time;
AUTO – About 26% of engaged viewers say they went to a dealership after engaging on TV;
RETAIL – An average, of 41% of engaged viewers say they looked for a featured product in-store after engaging on TV;
TRAVEL – Viewers are spending upwards of 7 minutes engaging with travel brand content on TV, watching on average 6.8 branded videos;
FINANCIAL – Prospective customers are up to 6X more interested in applying after engaging on TV;
ENTERTAINMENT – TV engagement has lifted tune-in by up to 55%.


* Viewers are engaging with food on TV more than ever

A recipe for success:
Highly-targeted niche programming complemented by relevant ads

Recipes inspire viewers to interact with branded content. Given the how-to nature of recipes, viewers find it natural to engage and interact with such content by viewing recipe videos, scrolling through written recipes, and requesting more recipes and ingredient lists be sent to them via email or text message. In fact, 57% of people who watch cooking shows buy food as a “direct result” of something they’ve seen on TV.

Relevant, customised iTV drives online brand engagement

Now imagine the impact of iTV on viewers’ inclination to engage with an embedded brand experience whilst actively watching a food programme. On average iTV campaigns with recipe content generate 250,000 recipe views whereby viewers spend over two minutes browsing through recipes and three minutes total on the branded channel (microsite).

Surprisingly, there is even an appetite for recipe content on XBOX. In a specific case in 2012, recipes on XBOX out-performed male-targeted campaigns. Themed for a major sporting event, this food brand targeted female viewers with branded recipes, video content, and gamer themes and pics on a gaming console and pay-TV platform. The campaign generated nearly 500K visits in 3 weeks, with 560K views of branded recipes. A 15% conversion rate to enter the sweeps proved a highly qualified and interested audience, despite the niche quality of the target and brand. This is significantly higher than a recent call-in to receive rewards conversion rate generated by a male-targeted beverage brand on XBOX, which was just over 1%.

Let’s create a relevant, interactive advertising solution that fits your brand’s needs.

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