Mobile LED Billboard Trucks

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  • On the move

    Why wait for your audience to see your ad when you can be where they are?

    Custom routes

    Whether you want to target one zip code, neighborhood, intersection or street, you pick the location(s).


    Narrow your scope down with precision accuracy or blanket a metropolitan area.

    Round the clock

    No matter what time you prefer, GoGlo can get the job done. Rush hour, lunch hour, ‘prime time’ or even ‘after hours’.

    Direct response

    Need instant gratification? Tell your prospects what to do and measure the responses in real time!

    Screen sizes

    Get exclusive exposure on two giant 11′ x 6′ screens plus a third 6’x 6′ rear screen for 360° visibility.

    High impact

    Shine bright like a diamond (5,000 lumens)! LED lights truly showcase your message in brilliant colors (16.8 million).

    High res imagery

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, and they look even better in spectacular LED lights. Create a slideshow that really speaks to your audience.


    Put your promotional videos to work and really grab people’s attention. Need a video? No problem – we’ll take care of it.


    Pump up the jam! Don’t discount the power of music or voiceovers. Your viewers can listen to the soundtrack, too.

    Eye level

    Mobile LED billboards travel with traffic (or park) at eye level, as opposed to roadside billboards that soar above the crowd out of eyesight.


    Ordinarily, small business owners may never consider billboard ads… until NOW! Starting as low as $250 per hour of bright, brilliant hour, it’s your TIME to SHINE with GoGlo.

    Multiple messages

    Maximize your media ‘mileage’ by mixing up your playlist with different messages and calls to action that really ‘drive’ your point.


    Digital advertising enables you to guauge audience feedback and make necessary adjustments more swiftly and for FREE.


    GoGlo supports complete accountability and transparency, hence the complimentary GPS reports for every campaign that prove GoGlo was where you expected, when you expected.

    How It Works

    Identify the target audience. Is there a group you want to be selling more to? Or do you want to focus on your typical customer base?
    Figure out where they are. This is where the GoGlo magic comes in, because your message goes directly to where the action is.
    How often should they see your message? Because GoGlo is mobile, we can park and let your ads play, or be on the move from location to location.

  • Get Glo-ing. Get seen. Get growing.

    GoGlo generates attention and gets your message noticed wherever it goes. By using GoGlo to communicate, you can share a message with the right audience at the right time, that is guaranteed, not only to turn heads, but also to convert.

    Increase Your Sales 107%

    Businesses report a 107% sales increase using mobile digital billboards with 96% of respondents saying mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.

    Product Acceptance & Research, Inc and Arbitron National In-Car Study

    Boost Your Brand 15X

    Mobile digital billboards not only turn heads, but make people remember you. Consumers report billboards like GoGlo have 15 times better recognition than traditional advertising.

    Outdoor Advertising Association of America

    What the Feds Say About Digital Billboards Safety Research

    —, December 09, 2016
    “…billboards don’t distract drivers…”

  • Hyper-Local Shared Campaigns

    Similar to crowd funding, GoGlo’s shared exposure affords non-competing small businesses within proximity to leverage the power of “strength in numbers” and collectively campaign for new customers and generate awareness on a rotation over a one-month period. It is an efficient way to test market your messaging and maximize your marketing budget while rolling through the local vicinity boosting business.

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