Ads evolve into new forms as media landscape shifts
Everybody’s doing it… from SNL to Hulu. How product placement, branded entertainment & sponsorship are upstaging traditional 30s spot adverts.

–New York Times, 08 May, 2016
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Product Placement

CLEVER: SAMSUNG Galaxy’s ‘famous’ Oscars debut
PRACTICAL: Toby Buckland’s Planting Powder on Adventures in Gardening

VLN‘s high-quality programming provides the ideal context within which to embed people, products and places. People we say? Indeed. Specific shows lend particularly well to featuring spokespeople or talent, such as company executives or restaurant chefs, for example. Venues can set the scene for films or TV shows thereby creating a positive association and lasting impression upon audiences.

Products are the most obvious possibility, and VLN‘s opportunities are abundant. With channels ranging from food & wine to fashion & beauty, health & fitness to garden & wildlife, and more, VLN offers a multitude of entertainment options whether they be outright blatant or sublty subliminal.

Use Cases:

  • Practical (eg. wardrobe, ingredients, transportation, how-to)
  • Venue or Talent (eg. category expert or travel destination)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Shopping (get featured on product showcase/shopping-themed programme filmed in London studio)

Product Placement Examples


Adventures in Gardening with Toby Buckland



Beauty Stocking Stuffer Suggestions with Olivia Cox



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