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A recent study by Nielsen and the IAB found online viewers watching long-form content see ads for 57% longer on average than those viewing short-form content (21.4 seconds vs. 13.6 seconds), and have an 11% higher average completion rate (88% vs. 79%).

VLN will produce spots for clients who may require such a service; however, unlike other production houses, our business model is not dependent upon revenues from production. We are not keen to compete with other production houses. Rather, our interest is in funding programming around and within which clients can advertise. That being said, we can create high-level programmes and commercials on a budget as part of a campaign. Our goal is to provide distribution and ROI on behalf of clients, not necessarily profiting on the commercials themselves.

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See why the W Barcelona is the coolest place in Barcelona – it oozes chic, zen, sexy vibes everywhere you turn, not to mention the views! Check-in for a weekend sojourn and some R&R on the WetDeck® or at Bliss®, or drop in for a little lounge time at one of the property's gastronomic venues – W Barcelona won't disappoint. Whatever your plans, Whenever you visit… it's definitely the most chill place in BCN.

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